Great Auctions Come from Exceptional Auctioneering Services

The auction method of marketing is the most unique and valuable way of selling any type of personal property or real-estate. Wieseman Auction Service was established to provide the highest quality auction service to the public. Our company’s reputation of honesty, professionalism, personal service and knowledge of current market values has become an asset that we are proud of, and that you can trust. Contact us at (618) 779-2741 for more information about our state of the art auction services, methods and equipment, or email us directly at [email protected]

Our Auctioneering Services

As a full-service auction company, we are able to handle all aspects of your auction needs from initial consultation to YOU receiving your money. Our Auction team specializes in advertising, organization, set up, and legal documents to ensure you always have timely and efficient auction transactions. Additionally, the success of our auctioneering services comes from our ability to achieve maximum market value on every item we sell. Give us a call today to schedule your FREE no obligation consultation to discuss the options available to you as you plan to sell your personal property or real-estate using the auction method of marketing.

Services Available for All Types of Auctions

Wieseman Auction Service provides auction services for all types of auctions including but not limited to:

*Farm Equipment
*Industrial Equipment
*Business Liquidations
*Personal Property
*Farm Land
*Residential and Commercial Real-Estate
*Benefits/Charity Events